Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do you have stuff hanging from your rear view mirror in your car? You know, that mirror what you're supposed to use to check who or what's comin' up behind ya (aka the mirror you use to apply lipstick with, squeeze pimples in, or check out your shades or hair ...)

Why does a person hang things from that hook?
a) Is it the kewl thing to do? Everybody is doing it ...
b) The thingy needed a place to hang from?
c) The thingy protects the car / truck everyone inside for harm / evil / being stolen
d) The thingy keeps odours out and perfumes the car / truck with Springy Aire
e) Empty spot in front of my face

Have you seen the things people hang there?
1) Dice - Large fat dice ~ huh? Lucky car / truck?
2) Vegetable / fruit shaped stinky thingys
3) Crosses - Did our precious Lord Jesus Christ die on a cruel cross to have it hang from a rear view mirror?
4) Dream-catches - huh? Me thinks it catches more dust 'n bugs than dreams ... now is it with those thingys anyway ... (I'll blog on this another day ...)
5) Beads - necklaces ~ Are they too ugly to wear? Or does the car / truck need jewellery?

Why? WhY? wHY?
Having this stuff placed there is DANGEROUS people!
1) You could get knocked out by a low flying dice
2) You could pass out from being allergic to the stinky odourizer
3) You could crash into something / someone trying to catch the thing that the catcher is trying to catch
4) You could be hypnotized by the swinging thingy and crash
5) Your vision is be obscured by these things large or SMALL

Who started it ?
Ok -
own up now please ....

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